The Road to Recovery

Love and sex within a true partnership does not seem to feed the addiction. This kind of relationship ultimately seems to embody much of what we sought so desperately and futilely elsewhere. But the road to such partnership requires much self-undoing before building can commence.

First we find a sense of wholeness and dignity within ourselves. This comes from continued sobriety on a daily basis and from working the Twelve Steps. Our personal wholeness is a natural result of willingness to trust God, clean house, and help others.

For all of us the path to recovery, chosen only because the pain of our addiction had come to exceed the short-term relief of tension, has brought us returns we would not have expected. While recovery is difficult, this way of life has given us new freedom and a deep sense of purpose. The S.L.A.A. Program has given us, in recovery, real autonomy and self-respect. With these attributes has come the capacity for partnerships based on authentic love and intimacy, whether they be with children, spouse, or friends.

If you have shared our experience of pain, perhaps you may now accept our experience of hope and redemption. May you join us now, as we help each other—one day at the time—to discover true freedom and dignity of self!

Taken from the pamphlet An Introduction to Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous. Copyright © 1985 The Augustine Fellowship, Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous, Fellowship-Wide Services, Inc., 1550 NE Loop 410, Ste 118, San Antonio, TX 78209, United States. All rights reserved. Permission for publication pending 10531011.